Beyer-Transfer könnte noch platzen... (BORUSSEN)

Vengo, Montag, 13.03.2023, 18:21 ( vor 18 Tagen ) @ Genios

We would like to share with our supporters the disappointing news that the EFL are placing the club under an immediate transfer embargo.

We believe transparency in these matters is paramount and we want to explain why this has happened.

In our continued efforts to improve and move forward Burnley Football Club we made the decision to change our auditors in November and the transition has taken longer than we anticipated.

We can confirm that we have provided draft accounts and financial information to the EFL’s Club Financial Reporting Unit and we continue to have regular dialogue with the unit to ensure we remain as open and as transparent and answer any questions the League may have.

We believe the EFL will have no issue with the detail of our accounts other than their late submission and fully understand and support their position and efforts to sanction any club who fails to comply with any of their regulations.

Both the Club and our new auditors are confident this can be resolved swiftly and we hope our submission will be made next month at which point the embargo will be lifted.

We once again wish to assure supporters this will have no detriment to the ongoing success and development of the Club as we move forward.


Ber­tha von Sutt­ner: »Kei­nem ver­nünf­ti­gen Men­schen wird es ein­fal­len, Tin­ten­fle­cken mit Tin­te, Ölfle­cken mit Öl weg­wa­schen zu wol­len. Nur Blut soll immer wie­der mit Blut abge­wa­schen wer­den.«

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