"Two minutes before the hour (BORUSSEN)

Sognando, nearest open pub, Donnerstag, 28.07.2022, 08:40 ( vor 15 Tagen ) @ ace253

with France starting to suggest they had finally got Germany’s measure, their substitute Selma Bacha was sent sprinting clear down the inside-left channel. Her decision to shoot early as the ball held up outside the penalty area seemed questionable but was quickly explained: she had seen Alexandra Popp, in effect the last German defender, making up ground in her rear view mirror and could do little as, from nowhere, the hurtling No 11 successfully threw herself towards the shot. Popp had prevented a potential goal and here was the kicker: 13 seconds previously, in an almost identical position at the other end of the pitch, it was her slightly loose pass that had let France break."

Die haben die Szene noch klar auf dem Schirm.


Plan b, Unterpunkt 1: Alles weiter wie bisher, aber mit Arbeitskreis

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